Coffeebean Media is a creative agency that started from “brewing ideas” in a hotel room in NY (2010-11) sipping coffee… and more coffee!

Instilled with the branding and design requirements of small medium businesses for their brand voice and recognition to providing turnkey design solutions, Coffeebean Media (CBM) started brewing ideas for many businesses in US and eventually in India and other locations. Right from evolving stories for the brand perception, its identity, to its execution across all diverse media and customer touch points, CBM took charge for all creative solutions. Whether it was PRINT marketing collaterals (brochures, flyers, and sales kits), business stationery or WEB or MOBILE APPs CBM proficiently delivered UI-UX designs also including some apps development.

Coffeebean Media’s base was established in 2011-12 in Jaipur, India where it started providing 360-degree solutions for strategic and creative communications. The key services were branding, print, web, apps, and merchandise with clients primarily from the US. CBM has also handled clients from Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. Jaipur office team along with outsourced content writers and developers comprised about 20 persons spearheaded by the owner and creative director Anju. In her creative direction, CBM carved a niche for uniquely handcrafted websites with her edge in marketing communications. Many projects requests were for revamping the clients existing websites, from the branding and marketing perspective. The other edge was intuitiveness for the UX which was well served for the web applications as well as the mobile apps.

Other than the small-medium businesses, CBM also served some big banners carving its niche in the Healthcare and Biotech segment with its spin-off as Sprout Biocommunications. With the principal’s background in Biotech, CBM is instrumental in combining the arts and science in the infographics, presentations or animation, which are well comprehended by the common people. Designing turnkey solutions for most modern Healthcare techniques to campaigning for Sustainable Agriculture, CBM has created value not just for the business, but also for the people and planet welfare.

CBM’s has gained its core strength, winning edge and expertise in Brand consulting, communication and creative strategies. The services range from consulting and design deliverables are 2D graphics, illustrations for any medium (print, web, merchandize) with a special interest in infographics and presentations. CBM has partners and associates for extended services for other media such as the web, apps, and animation.

With its special focus on “sustainability”, CBM has taken yet another initiative called as TRY (The Responsible You). The interface is where there are interviews and expert articles from people who are doing “good” for the people and planet. There are cartoons (by Anju), articles and photo essays (based on content aggregation) and infographics. TFG also organizes contests and events and creates merchandise designs to promote interest in Nature and community betterment. With this CBM focuses on creative projects which are not for profit and are for educational purposes. Recently CBM was invited to showcase posters on the climate action special train- Science Express.

About Anju

Anju (also known as Dr. Anju Dave Vaish in the scientific community) is a communications strategist and a creative director. She provides her services under Coffeebean Media.

Anju is imaginative to conceptualize stories for brands, corporate A-Vs or presentations, events, through her abilities as a copywriter, illustrator, and a visualizer. Her core strengths are being the blend of “science and arts”, and “empathy,” to get the message across the audiences across evolutionary media with captivating “messaging” and excellent “visualization”

Anju is quite versatile and has embraced all conventional and evolutionary media– print advertisements, print collaterals, electronics, web, events and outdoors. She has exposure across transnational markets, chiefly India and US including Fortune 500 banners. As a Marketing Communications professional, she was often complimented for being a complete in-house design agency.

She has also authored a book for small business owners- Get Max from Your Website. (amazon link) Anju has contributed many articles and columns in the IT, Biotech and Business magazines.

She has won awards and accolades in her academic years and beyond at the State and National level for Poster design, advertisements, and cartoon drawing. She has been a motivational speaker and spokesperson at Environmental Conferences, Academic Institutions and speakers’ forum and TV.She has done Ph.D., MBA and specialization from IIM- Bangalore and Ithaca, NY.

Her passion is story-telling using any communication medium. Her favorite are cartoons, infographics, and audio-visual presentations. She is very restless and very fertile with her imagination and finds the ease of fast expressions through cartoons. She recently did a solo cartoon exhibit on Sustainability on the Earth Day 2017.

Following her keen interest in Science and Sustainability and currently identifying herself as an Artist and Activist, her new creative initiative is TRY (The Responsible You) with its web interface as Here, she tries to build awareness by presenting scientific facts in an artistic way for better comprehension. She creates cartoons, illustrations, infographics and also interviews and features people, who are doing “good” for the people and planet. She prefers projects that are more in harmony with Nature and Community Welfare