Logo colors and their meanings

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Choosing colors for your brand is one of the most critical factor for your brand’s success. Colors evoke certain emotions and feelings and attribute to build personality for your brand. Colors can mean different things depending on the culture, situation and industry so it is vital to choose a color that represents your identity effectively. More


Tips for Women entrepreneurs to kick start their small- business

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With the recent studies, it has been proved that female ruled marketing strategies are often different from male strategies in terms of management and purchases. With the increasing women owned businesses, most of the female population are being diverted into women entrepreneurship. Some of these tips may help you to good start your business. 1. More

Marketing gets more Techie-feel techno-challenged?

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Marketing getting too technical to handle, Time to outsource. Technology has changed the Marketing scenario for businesses in the recent world. In order to survive in the tech-savvy market, a small business owner needs to be equipped with the knowledge of internet, social media, applications and other technologies. You may not have the expertise of More

Is ready-made logo a wiser choice?

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A  Logo is the visual representation of company’s objective and business domain. Logo selection should be a thoughtful process and one should keep in mind its effectiveness for long run. Brands like Mc Donald, Reebok, Nike, Adidas etc remind us of their band product with their logos. Logo should be kept unique as it builds More


Dos and Don’ts of logo designing

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Keep it Simple, don’t over-complicate it For an easy to recognize Logo, it needs to be simple and less complicated. It is easy to reproduce a simple logo in various sizes and applications. A complicated logo will hinder audience engagement and is difficult to implement on offline media. Keep in unique, don’t look like your competitor It More

How important is a tagline?

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Taglines serve as communication tool for your brand. However it is not necessary to have tagline for a successful brand. Some great brands like Google and Zappos don’t use tagline. What difference a Tagline makes? They communicate your brand in a precise and memorable way. They are the unique selling proportion of your business. A More