Keep your each communication piece complete

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It is so good to see the rising entrepreneurial element around. They say the best entrepreneurs need not be passed out from Top B schools, but they just have to have the acumen and the winning edge. However, if they imbibe the trends quick, they probably will not dismay people being complete neophytes.  One essential element is business communications.

It is vital that your every business communication piece should be complete in itself.  Even if you have exchanged all the business over a cup of coffee. Remember the deal is not sealed without your written communication. And, when you write, remember that your communication may have to pass through many gatekeepers in an organization – You might have spoken to someone in Marketing. But finally it has to be signaled green through Head of  the Dept., Purchase or Finance also.

Besides, who knows you have another opportunity waiting from some other Dept., or reference made by someone totally unnoticed in the loop.

It is better if you devise your communication in the form of :

  1. Brief  Introduction and purpose of writing
  2. What is it in for the party you are writing to (Benefits)
  3. What is the Action point and the procedure
  4. Who should they follow to seek more information if need be
  5. Besides, never use short forms or text messaging. If using any abbreviation or acronym, explain it once before using it again.

Make “Spell check” a religion.