• samana

    Samana Smile Foundation

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    Objective: Samana is a not-for-profit initiative to raise a medical care in Las Terrenas that have urgent and even life threatening medical conditions. The objective was to build a unique brand that connects well with the audiences in Samana peninsula as well as to showcase the real life scenarios (events) to generate interest in the More

  • training-circut

    The Training Circuit

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    Objective: The Training circuit is a singapore based firness center. The client is a fitness expert and wanted his website to look young and vibrant as per his domain and clientele. Solutions: We proposed the CMS solution while doing the new UI which is colorful and visually quite rich with the motivating and captivating quotes More

  • Quantum-chiropractic

    Quantum Chiropractic

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    Objective: Client is a chiropractor who wanted to redesign the website with a modern look and feel Solution: A modern landing page was created with a big wide banner with clear messaging about Chiropractice and motivating people. Beyond the regular pages such as services and about page client had lot of informational pieces about chiropractice More

  • jay-hewitt

    Jay Hewitt

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    Solution: Website Developed in CMS WordPress Provided animated banner for the multifacets of the motivational speaker Industry Domain: Professional Speaker Technology: HTML5/ CSS,CMS WordPress Deliverables: UI/ UX Design, Web design and development,Responsive

  • rx-fitness

    Rx Fitness

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    Objective: Client is a professional fitness trainer and physician assistant who had significant Internet presence through videos, TVshows, but not his own equity for Rx Fitness Pros in the Internet space. He wanted a logo and strong presence through his website Solution: We created the logo and synergistic User Interface with dynamic and captivating visuals. More

  • asapp


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    Objective: Create a CMS website with ecommerce integration. ASAPP is NOT for Profit organization which create awareness for preventive measures about hypertension and stroke as its incidence are growing rapidly in developing countries like India and Uganda. Solution: We created a unique identity and gave a distinct color code to the UI which reflects Blood More