• ethnologix


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    Objective: Ethnologix is a Market Research firm that specializes in ethnographic consumer studies among U.S. general market and ethnic segments. The challenge was to make it as interesting as possible to show the diversity and multi-cultural market segment through a captivating user interface Solution: The client had wide range of pictures which inspired us to More

  • all-things-speaking

    All Things speaking

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    All Things Speaking is a professional speaker management company who uncovers hidden treasures in the industry and unites them with meeting planners and speakers bureaus representing organizations all over the world. Objective: To create a professional look website which can get attention from users. Solution: A clean, functional, Dynamism ,well designed, professional, and stylish website More

  • get-free-flights

    Get Free Flight

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    Objective: Get Free Flight is a Travel website which needed to revamp the website look. Client is an entrepreneur, travel hacker and author of a book “Takeoff: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing” In this single easy-to-read eBook he compiled all of his knowledge about cheap travel. For his website he  wanted to More

  • the-savvy-mama

    The Savvy Mama

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    Objective: Client is a Registered Nurse and wanted to share her expertise with the Moms or Moms-to-be with the effective Internet medium. Key Challenge: Her biggest tool is Blog because through this she engages visitors, shares experience and updates. The key challenge was that being a Pro,she did not want to perceived as a random More

  • allure-home-design

    Allure Home Design

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    Objective:  Create a website with a preferred layout in the client’s mind who is a Professional Interior Designer. Do complete branding. Solution: Created a logo and in sync with the colors designed the UI. Keeping the clients preferred choice of layout, the business sense was applied to make the landing page strong from marketing perspective. More

  • eugenecolt

    eugene colt

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    Objective: Client is a realtor who wanted a website which reflects premiumness for his clients, maintain the brand consistency and above all make it quite interactive with intuitive UX design Industry Domain: Real Estate Technology : Responsive HTML/ CSS, CMS WordPress, PHP Deliverables: Maintaining the Brand synergy through the UI, Forms and Blog integration Our More