What’s in a Name? Brainstorming or Accidents!

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When it comes to Branding,  marketers think of a name that connotes business or  product attributes to connect well with the customers, and differentiates them from other sellers.

Some business houses are named after their family names. Many industries into building & construction, manufacturing or other B2B segment choose to stick to their own family names. Their legacy of years of  experience in the industry, their services or product manufacturing become their credibility and they prefer to continue with the same. Such industries are generally family-owned businesses. Professional service providers such as lawyers, architects, health care specialists also prefer to keep it simple or accentuate their own name in the industry.


There are also professional naming  agencies who get down to the level of  constructing the DNA of a brand name and then arrive at it. Product names are often named based on how the brand should be perceived.  Brands that target youth, reflect adventure, thrill, excitement, while  brands addressed for family are associated with  economy, security, bonding etc. Marketers tend to gain the mindshare to gain the marketshare.

Yet, there may always be some out-of- the- box or “break the rules” thoughts. They may also be even accidents. But then what makes them legendary brands are the “product’ or the “services”. Who knew a simple “A for Apple” would one day be a brand to be an apple of anyone’s eye! It is said that Steve Jobs ( CEO of the Apple Inc.) had thought that if at the end of the day, no one comes up with a name that’s appealing enough, he would simply name his venture for an A for Apple. It is also said that Steve was still half involved with his group of friends working in a farm while he was at the threshold of launching his new business. Named as Apple Computers back them, the company dropped Computers later to be just an “Apple.” Then there are success stories of the names that are not even names. Who could ever the find the meaning of “Google” which was misspellt while registering the domain name Googol. Larry Page had come with the name Googolplex for something that related to the indexing of an immense amount of data.

Whatever it is, a brand is built when it offers the perceived value and beyond!

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