Keep your each communication piece complete

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It is so good to see the rising entrepreneurial element around. They say the best entrepreneurs need not be passed out from Top B schools, but they just have to have the acumen and the winning edge. However, if they imbibe the trends quick, they probably will not dismay people being complete neophytes.  One essential More

What’s in a Name? Brainstorming or Accidents!

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When it comes to Branding,  marketers think of a name that connotes business or  product attributes to connect well with the customers, and differentiates them from other sellers. Some business houses are named after their family names. Many industries into building & construction, manufacturing or other B2B segment choose to stick to their own family More


Office Humor

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Keyword in the domain name is important, but not so much?

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A leading B-School Professor, giving feedback on my website said that your domain name should rather be some keyword that people look for. Coming from marketing I had really worked on the Brand name and just used the same as domain. But is it really that big a deal? Do search engines really rank you More

Logo design guidelines

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If a brand name is thought for its attributes, a logo is the ultimate identity which reflects the personality to the name (business). With the burgeoning media industry, the demand of graphic designers is rising. Youngsters are focusing into training for multimedia and visual communications. They are imaginative, creative and innovative too. That is what More


How Creative Agencies Work (Humor)

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